The XCL High Resolution Series from Sony is the perfect fit for a variety of industrial inspection applications such as microscopy, semiconductors, electronic parts, and display panels.

All the cameras in this series conform to the Camera Link standard. The XCL Series delivers outstanding functionality and excellent picture quality, bringing a new level of power and effectiveness to industrial applications.

* PoCL (Power over Camera Link)


High Resolution Image Capture

The XCL-U1000C camera is equipped with a 1/1.8 type progressive scan IT CCD that provides UXGA resolution, which is ideally suited for a variety of industrial applications requiring high-quality images


Supports Camera Link Standard

All cameras in the XCL High Resolution Series are equipped with the industry standard digital Camera Link interfaces. This allows users to quickly capture high-resolution images thanks to simple connectivity with machine vision systems.


Partial Scan Function

If you select only a specific area of an image to be scanned, the reduced data size and increased frame rate will minimize image processing time. The XCL-U1000C features vertical partial scanning.


Hardware Processing

The XCL High Resolution Series cameras have a number of beneficial real-time hardware pre-processing functions such as a 3x3 filter, DTL filter, gammacorrection, and a binarisation mechanism that can be used to emphasise the edges of an object or to change the contrast of an image. These functions provide frame grabbers with images that are easy to process, thus minimising the load on the PC.


Monitor Output

The XCL-U1000C has a 15-pin D-sub connector and the camera can be connected directly to video monitors with UXGA resolution.


High Shock and Vibration Tolerance

• Vibration resistance: 10G (20 to 200 Hz)

• Shock resistance: 70G


Other Features

• C mount lens

• External trigger

• Binning function (B/W mode only)

• Built-in test pattern


Supplied Accessories:

  • Lens mount cap
  • Operating instructions


Sony XCL Series Downloads

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Technical Manual
Operating Instructions

Sony XCL Resources

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