Phase 1

Phase 1 Technology Corp. is a vertically integrated distributor of customer-tailored solutions with an extensive inventory of the industry's premier manufacturers of CCD and CMOS cameras, cables, image acquisition boards, lenses, lighting, sensors, and software products. Phase 1 Technology offers all of the vital components used in the design and development of high-performance imaging systems. The organization maintains an extensive network of highly-trained application specialists to ensure immediate response and consistent technical support for the duration of each project. Phase 1 Technology also provides a host of value -added programs that support engineering and manufacturing environments. We specialize in market applications such as Aerospace, Agricultural Vision, Automation, Automotive, Electronic Assembly, ITS, Pharmaceutical, Robotics, Semiconductor, Surveillance, and UAV.

Phase 1
44 W. Jefryn Blvd
Suite Y
Deer Park
United States