The popular Sony FCB series is enhancing its line-up with the addition of two new mini colour block cameras. These cameras are specifically designed for easy integration with security and monitoring systems, videoconferencing equipment, traffic monitoring systems, police vehicles, photo booths, and low vision systems.

Outstanding Picture Quality in an Ultra-Compact Design – The FCB-EX11D and FCB-EX11DP Colour Block Cameras are Ideal for Integration into Mini-Dome Surveillance Cameras, Traffic Monitoring Systems, and More.

The Sony ultra-compact and lightweight FCB-EX11D*1 camera incorporates a 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD™ sensor, and can be easily integrated into space restricted environments. The FCB-EX11D is not only effective in visible light, but it is sensitive to near-infrared energy enabling the camera to operate in low-light conditions. Combining a high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with an EXview HAD CCD sensor, the camera produces an extremely high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines and provides clear and detailed images.

The FCB-EX11D is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens which can provide a 120x zoom ratio when combined with the digital zoom. In addition, the FCB-EX11D offers a number of other useful functions such as advanced spherical privacy zone masking with mosaic effect, video motion detection, a multi-line on-screen display, and slow AE response function.

With its excellent picture quality, compact size, and feature-rich design, the FCB-EX11D is ideal for a wide range of applications. For surveillance applications, this camera is well-suited for integration with mini speed dome, fixed-type, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (P/T/Z) cameras. It can also be used in low vision systems, police vehicles, and for underground inspection of oil and gas pipelines.

*1 Unless otherwise noted in the following text, “FCB-EX11D” refers to both the FCB-EX11D and the FCB-EX11DP



Excellent Picture Quality, High resolution Images
Combining a high-performance DSP with a 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD sensor, the FCB-EX11D achieves a high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines that produces amazingly clear and detailed images.

Compact and Lightweight Design
The ultra-compact and lightweight body of the FCB-EX11D makes it ideal for space restricted applications.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 35.9 x 40.8 x 59.2 mm (1 7/16 x 1 5/8 x 2 3/8 inches)
Mass: 95g (3.3 Oz) 
Slow AE Response Function
The FCB-EX11D is equipped with a slow AE response function to automatically slow the rate at which the camera’s exposure levels change. The rate can be set up to 32 times slower than when Full-Auto AE or Priority (shutter/iris) modes are selected.
This function is useful when monitoring areas in which lighting conditions abruptly change. 
Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect
Unwanted or prohibited areas within an image can be masked precisely and appropriately with either a solid colour or a mosaic effect. When the FCB-EX11D is integrated into a P/T/Z camera system, this technology can keep masking areas interlocked with P/T/Z movements regardless of the camera angle.
Powerful and Versatile Zoom Capability
The FCB-EX11D camera incorporates a 10x optical zoom lens, allowing for a zoom capability of up to 120x when used in combination with its 12x digital zoom. 
Multi-line On-screen Display
Up to eleven lines with 20 characters per line can be displayed on the FCB-EX11D monitoring screen using VISCA™ commands. Captions can be displayed on the screen to provide operators with a user-friendly interface. 
Other features
  • Video Motion Detection
  •  Electronic-Flip (e-Flip)
  •  Picture Freeze
  •  SMART (Sony Modular Automatic lens Reset Technology) Lens Control
  •  Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter (1 to 1/10,000 s, 22 steps)
  •  High-Speed Serial Interface (maximum 38.4 kb/s) with TTL Signal-Level Control (VISCA protocol)
  •  Customizable settings
  •  Internal/External Sync
  •  16 Bytes of Memory (for storing data such as the product serial number and camera/system ID numbers)

Signal systems
NTSC (for FCB-EX11D)
PAL (for FCB-EX11DP)

Sync systems

Internal/External (V-lock)


Image sensor

1/4-type EXview HAD CCD

(Interlace Scan)


Effective picture elements

380,000 pixels (NTSC for FCB-EX11D)

440,000 pixels (PAL for FCB-EX11DP)



10x optical zoom lens

f = 4.2 mm (wide) to 42.0 mm (tele)

F1.8 to F2.9


Digital zoom

12 x (120x with optical zoom)


Minimum object distance

10 mm (wide) to 800 mm (tele)

*Default: 200 mm


Horizontal viewing angle

46.0 degrees (wide) to 4.6 degrees (tele)


Horizontal resolution

High Resolution Mode On: 530 TV lines (default)

High Resolution Mode Off: 470 TV lines (NTSC), 460 TV lines (PAL)


Focus systems

Auto (Sensitivity: normal, low), One-push AF, Manual, Infinity, Interval AF, Zoom Trigger AF


Minimum illumination

1.0 lx (typcal) (F1.8, 50IRE)


Video output

VBS: 1.0 Vp-p (sync negative), Y/C


Camera control

VISCA (TTL signal level)

Baud rate: 9.6 kbps, 19.2 kbps, 38.4 kbps

Stop bit: 1/2 bit selectable


Electronic shutter

1/1 sec to 1/10,000 sec, 22 steps



Auto/Manual (-3 dB to +28 dB, 2 dB steps)


Exposure control

Auto, Manual, Priority mode (shutter priority & iris priority), Bright, EV compensation, Backlight compensation, Slow AE


EV compensation



Backlight compensation



White balance

Auto, AT W, Indoor, Outdoor, One-push, Manual


S/N ratio

More than 50 dB


Picture effects

E-Flip, Nega Art, Black & White, Mirror, Image


Camera operation switch

Yes (Zoom Tele, Zoom Wide)


Power requirements

DC 6.0 V to 12.0 V


Power consumption

1.9 W (motors active: 2.8 W)


Operating temperature

0°C to +50°C


Storage temperature

-20°C to +60°C



95 g (3.3 oz)


Dimensions (W x H x D)

35.9 x 40.8 x 59.2 mm

(1 7/16 x 1 5/8 x 2 3/8 inches)


Wide-D Auto mode



Wide-D IS/PS mode



Image Stabilisation






Digital output



Enhanced noise reduction



Auto ICR



Spherical Privacy Zone Masking



Motion Detection






Slow AE response



Picture freeze



Slow shutter



Temperature readout



Title display



Camera mode display



Key switch control



Multi-line OSD






Flicker Cancel

Yes (Auto) for FCB-EX11D

MTBF (excluding lens) 46
Power Voltage 6
Power Consumption 1
Operating temperature/ Humidity 0
Storage Temperature Humidity -20
Lens Diameter 21
Metal Frame Y
Connector 4 pin Harness, 9-Pin FFC
Video Output VBS:1.0 Vp-p (Sync Negative) Y/C Output
Visca Model ID 44
Serial Interface Stop bit 1/2 bit, 38.4 Kbps, 19.2 Kbps, VISCA protocol (TTL/CMOS), 9.6 Kbps
User Memory 16
Preset 1 custom/power on preset, 6 positions
Aperture Control 16 steps
Alarm function Yes (Motion detection with 4 zones)
Interlock with pan, tilt and zoom Yes (Spherical interlocking)
Privacy Zone masking Detail (24 mask, 8 on screen, 160x120 matrix, mosaic)
Privacy Zone Masking Yes (with Spherical Pan/tilt)
Grid/Cross Disaply Grid + cross
Picture Effects Mirror, E-Flip, Neg. Art, Black & White
Character Generator Yes (20 characters/line, max. 11 lines)
Spot AE Y
Focusing System Auto (Sensitivity :H-L), Interval, SMART lens control, Near Limit, Zoom Trigger AF, Manual, Infinity, One-push AF
Flicker Compensation Yes
AE Control Back Light Compensation, Slow Shutter - Auto/Manual, Exposure Compensation, Slow AE, Bright, Manual, Iris Priority, Full Auto, Shutter Priority
EV Compensation -10
White Balance Manual WB, WB, One-Push, Outdoor, Indoor, ATW, Auto
Gain 0
Electronic Shutter Speed 1
SN Ratio 50
Minimum Illumination 1
Recomended Illumination 100
Sync System Internal/External (V-Lock)
Min Working Distance (tele) 1000
Min Working Distance (WIDE) 200
Angle of View H (WIDE) 0
Digital Zoom 12
Zoom Movement Speed 0
Lens - f stops 0
Lens - Detail 0
Lens 10x optical zoom
Horizontal Resolution 530
Picture Elements 380000
Signal System NTSC
Wide Dynamic Range No
Slow Shutter Function Y
Auto Slow Shutter Y
Freeze Y
Auto ICR function No
Sensor Type 1/4-type Exviex HAD-CCD
Sensor Ref 0
Weight 95
Width 35 mm
Depth 59
Height 40 mm
Order Quantity 10
Overvoltage protections on I/O Yes

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