The Sony DXC-390/390P is a 1/3 type DSP 3-CCD colour video camera which incorporates Exwave HAD™ technology – a new Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F8 at 2000 lx) while reducing smear.

With so many functions, the DXC-390/P is the perfect choice for a variety of applications


Using a C-mount lens and providing a resolution of 800 TV lines and high S/N ratio, the DXC-390/390P is ideal for applications such as microscopy, industrial inspection, and remote camera systems, where picture accuracy and detail are important.


Incorporating new 10-bit DSP technology, a user friendly on-screen menu allows for simple control of various features including DynaLatitude™, Partial Enhance, and a wide selection of Automatic Exposure (AE ) modes. Moreover, the DXC-390/390P is verycompact [56(W) x 50(H) x 128(D)] and lightweight (370 g), making it easy to install.


High picture quality


Incorporating three 1/3 type IT CCDs, the DXC-390/P produces a high resolution of 800 TV lines and a high S/N ratio of 62 dB (NTSC), 61 dB (PAL). Featuring Sony’s new Exwave HAD the DXC-390/P provides excellent sensitivity and low smear levels.

Moreover, the DXC-390/P incorporates DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology, resulting in images with higher picture quality and colour accuracy.


DSP (digital signal processing)


The DXC-390/P incorporates new Sony 10- bit DSP technology. DSP enables a variety of enhancement features and increases picture reliability. The DXC-390/P has several DSP functions for powerful picture controls.


Picture contrast controls



Automatically adjusts contrast corresponding to the brightness signal level of the entire image. Clear images can be captured if both bright and dark areas exist within the image.


DCC+ (Dynamic Contrast Control Plus)

Avoids hue factor distortion that can occur when subjects are very bright. DCC+ also automatically adjusts the knee point according to the contrast of the image.


Black Stretch

Black stretch/compress enhances the gradation of dark areas by stretching or compressing the range of the brightness signal in these areas.


Picture enhance controls


Digital Detail

Adjusts the sharpness of the object outline with minimal noise. This feature also enables horizontal detail frequency control.


Linear Matrix

Enhances colour reproduction by adjusting the colour saturation and hue. Partial Enhance Enhances or softens a specific colour by

altering its hue, saturation and detail.


On-screen menu


The on-screen menu feature allows for quick and easy picture adjustments while viewing the image. All camera control functions are accessible from the side panel of the camera or through the optional RM-C950.


AE (Automatic Exposure)


AE automatically controls the level of brightness by varying the exposure times. This is done by combining the CCD IRIS function, AG C (Automatic Gain Control), and Auto Iris function of the lens. The DXC-390/P is equipped with a number of convenient AE modes.


AE Level

Adjusts the standard brightness level by up to +/- one F-stop in a lens iris.


AE Speed

Selectable AE (Auto Exposure) conversion speed to suit applications under varying lighting conditions.


AE Area

AE Area is a light metering system that includes six different modes.


Electronic Shutter Functions


Variable speeds

A variable speed electronic shutter is built into the CCD imager, making it possible to capture blur-free, clear images of high speed moving objects. The DXC-390/P features 10 different shutter speeds (OFF to 1/100,000), including flickerless mode.


Long term exposure

The shutter speed can be manually selected from 1 to 255 frames (field mode) or 2 to 256 frames (frame mode) in oneframe steps or from 0.1 to 8.0 seconds.


Clear Scan™

The Clear Scan feature eliminates the horizontal bands that appear across the screen when shooting a computer display. This is achieved by matching the camera shutter speed with the display scanning frequency.



When the level of incoming light exceeds the auto iris adjustment range, the CCD IRIS function automatically reduces the exposure in a range equivalent to 10 F-stops.


Compact and lightweight

56(W) x 50(H) x 128(D) mm (2 1/4 x 2 x 5 1/8 inches), 370 g (13 oz)


C mount

extensive choice of lens


Scene Files and User Files

allows user to set two custom parameters in the menu for instant recall


Hyper Gain (+30 dB)

useful to capture images in dark conditions


Colour Shading compensation

allows for verification of colour on microscope


RGB, Y/C and composite video Outputs


RS-232C controllable

easy control and operation of camera by external computer


White Balance modes

(AWB, AT W-Normal/Wide, MANU, Preset 3200K/5600K)


Extended Genlock (VBS Genlock and HD/VD in/out)

allows for synchronization of signals with frame grabber boards


Synchronization capabilities (Strobe function, WEN output)

realizes full vertical resolution of fast moving objects



Optional Accessories:


Camera Adaptor






Mount Lens




Remote Control Unit



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